Tuesday 7/5/16

Paul and Kira getting in their WOD at CrossFit Rethymno in Crete!

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~10-15 mins of Turkish Get-Ups technique, pausing in each position. Build in weight as long as form in each position is strong


25 Min Moving with Purpose — NOT AN AMRAP, just focus on consistent & quality movement:

3 mins Bike or Row @ ~75% effort
1 x Turkish Get-Up, each side
3 Wall Walks (as far as you can stay hollow) w/ 10-second hold
6-8 Single-Arm KB Rows, each arm
100m Suitcase Carry (switch hands at 50m)

Score the KB weight used for your heaviest round of TGU.

All KB weights are YOUR CHOICE based on how you are feeling today!

Cash-Out / Cool Down

At least 5-10 minutes of Upper Body Lax Ball Mobility — your choice, some suggestions:
-First Rib, against rig
-Pecs, against rig or wall
-Overhead Rib or Lats/Shoulder Rotator, laying supine on floor

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