Tuesday 8/30/16

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Attention athletes: Wodify is working to fix some issues with the athlete mobile app; many users will find that it crashes when you try to open it. In the meantime, if you want to access Wodify outside the gym you can access the mobile application by logging in via http://app.wodify.com/mobile from your mobile web browser. As always, it is also accessible on any desktop or laptop computer via http://login.wodify.com.


Front Squat (5 x 10 @ 55%)

Alternative: 5×5 @ moderate weight (good technique)

OPTIONAL SUPERSET (5 total sets): Single-Leg KB Deadlift, 6-8 reps/leg

NOTE: We are starting a front squat cycle. All percentages each week will be based on your actual or best estimated 1 Rep Max. Do not go higher, or it will affect the effectiveness of this cycle! If you don’t have an actual 1 Rep Max OR enough data in Wodify to make a good estimate, follow the guidelines for the alternative set.


Ladder AMRAP 8 minutes:

2 Thrusters (95/65)
2 Burpees Over the Bar
4 Thrusters
4 Burpees Over the Bar
6, 8, 10, etc..

Record score based on # reps completed in your last round, plus additional reps. (e.g. if you finish Rd of 8 and complete 10 Thrusters + 6 Burpees, you’d record as 8 + 16)


5 minutes of Jefferson Curls (go SLOW)

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