Tuesday 9/15/15



 CFIL’s Capital Affiliate League team, Week 1 (top) and Week 5 (bottom). A short but really fun season with some pretty tough workouts! If you’re interested in competing at any level (Novice included) in the future, let a coach know! 


Split Jerk Complex

Warm-up to a moderate split jerk weight, then 5 ascending sets of the following complex: (2 Jerk Drives + 1 Split Jerk)


With a 20 minute clock —

Part 1: 10 minutes to find a moderately heavy clean* for the day. Leave 65% of this weight on the bar for Part 2.

Part 2: AMRAP in the remaining 10 minutes of the following ladder:

1 Clean
1 Chest to Bar Pull-up
20 DUs

2 Cleans
2 CTB Pull-ups
20 DUs

3 Cleans
3 CTB Pull-ups
20 DUs

etc. (continue adding 1 rep to cleans & pull-ups each round)

Score is total # of reps completed in Part 2 AMRAP. Record clean weight used to comments.

*All cleans may be performed as squat cleans OR power clean + front squat

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