Tuesday 9/22/15

Happy 40th Birthday, Kira! Thanks for being an enthusiastic part of our community since the very beginning — cheers to many more!


Jerk Complex:  2 Jerk Drives + 1 Split Jerk

Warm-up split jerk, then 5 sets of complex, ascending (each complex = 1 set)


Kira’s 40th Birthday WOD!

For Total Time:

Buy-In: 40 Parallette Jump-Overs (scale: PVC jump-overs)

4 (+0) Rounds of:
9 Toes to Bar (scale: hanging knee raises)
22 Overhead Squats (45/35) (scale: air squats)
75m (3 lengths turf) Heavy Carry (choice of farmer’s, rack, or goblet carry)

Cash-Out: 40 Parallette Jump-Overs

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