Tuesday 9/26/17

Eva, Allison, Andrea – post CrossFit Team Series workouts!


~15 Mins. to complete

4 sets of:

Barbell Romanian Deadlift x 8 reps (ascend by set)
Rest 45 seconds
40 ft. Handstand Walk OR 40 sec. Wall-Facing Handstand Hold
Rest 45 seconds
45 sec. Jefferson Curl with KB


“Doubled Over”

For Time:

150 Double-Unders (Max 3′)***
100m Heavy Farmer’s Carry
200m Run
100m Heavy Farmer’s Carry
150 Double-Unders (Max 3′)


5′ Jump Recovery:

Calf Stretch Toes on Rig, Straight Knee x 1 min/side
Calf Stretch Toes on Rig, Bent Knee x 1 mins/side
Downward Dog x 1 min

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