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Front Squat (5-5-10-10-10)

5 reps @ 50% / 5 reps @ 57% / 3×10 reps @ 62%

Alternative: 5×5 @ moderate weight, ADD 5-10 lbs from last week

Week 2 of new front squat cycle. All percentages each week will be based on your actual or best estimated 1 Rep Max. USE THIS SAME NUMBER EACH WEEK. If you don’t have an actual 1 Rep Max OR enough data in Wodify for you/your Coach to make a good estimate, follow the guidelines for the alternative set.

OPTIONAL SUPERSET (5 total sets): Single-Leg KB Deadlift, 6-8 reps/leg


AMRAP 7 minutes:

7 Box Jumps (24/20)
7 Ball Slams
7 Ring Rows to Chest (Rx+: Strict Ring Pull-Ups)


Against the Wall:
2 mins w/ legs at 90 degrees (try to keep knees extended)
2 mins straddle

For both, aim for:
1) your back flat against the floor
2) your glutes touching or as close to the wall as possible
3) flexed feet

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