Tuesday 9/8/15

Saturday morning’s class wishing Rupert well on his next adventure! Be sure to sign up by this Friday if you’re interested in participating in his clinic on Saturday, Sept. 19!

We have lots of September events coming up – check the whiteboard at the gym for relevant sign-ups!


1) Split Jerk (technique/warm-up, then 3×3 ascending)

2) Jerk Drive/Split Jerk Complex (3 sets, ascending)

2 Jerk Drives + 1 Split Jerk (each complex = 1 set/rep) – start at finishing weight from 3×3 split jerk set


3 Rounds:

1 min max DB ground to OH
1 min max DB man-makers
1 min max DUs (must attempt!)
1 min rest

Record total # reps for each round. List DB weight in comments

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