Wednesday 10/18/17

Coach Jara and CFIL athlete Adrian, volunteering and spectating at the recent Working Wounded Games. Adrian’s goal is to be there next year!

Stand Up to Cancer Event T-Shirts and Tanks: Place order HERE by 9AM this Friday 

REMINDER: Gym closed all weekend for a CrossFit coaches’ seminar. Join your fellow members at Rock Creek Park at 8:30AM on Saturday for a Trail Run/Walk followed by Mobility/Yoga. (Does not count as a class!) Details at gym and will be posted here later this week.


“300 Percent”

5 Rounds for (Total) Time:

10 Russian KB Swings
1 Front Squat
20 Russian KB Swings
2 Front Squats
30 Russian KB Swings
3 Front Squats

3′ REST between rounds

Look at clock after each round and rest exactly 3 minutes – get time after completion of 5th round. All Front Squats are from the floor.

Rx: 53/35 KBs / 175/125# Barbell — scale as needed (swings should not be heavy; go heavier on squats)


Optional Mobility: Lax Ball Seated Glute & Upper Hamstring Smash

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