Wednesday 10/26/16


Reminder: Halloween Costume WOD this Saturday 10/29 at 9:00AM! Prizes will be awarded for costumes and team spirit! No 8AM WOD will be held



Bench Press technique review, proper spotting, etc.

Strength / Conditioning

15 minutes to complete 5 Rounds for Max Weight:

Round 1: 10 Bench Press
Round 2: 8 Bench Press
Round 3: 6 Bench Press
Round 4: 4 Bench Press
Round 5: 2 Bench Press

Rest as needed between rounds, sharing benches and spotting others as appropriate.

Record weight used for EACH COMPLETE ROUND. Choose your own weights and increase as desired, but if you fail to complete any round, your score is 0 for that round (can’t reduce weight and try again!).


Max Effort 500m Row 

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