Wednesday 11/25/15


THANKSGIVING SCHEDULE: Wednesday-Regular classes, Thursday-CLOSED, Friday-9:30am class ONLY, Saturday-Regular classes.

Next On-Ramp session starts next Monday, 11/30 — tell your friends & family, they can get in before the New Year’s rush! For more details, click here.

Bodyweight Strength

EMOM for 12 minutes (4 rounds):

1: 30 seconds wall-facing handstand
2: 30 seconds pull-ups for max reps
3: 30 seconds hollow hold

Record total # of pull-ups completed (note any scaling used)


“Early Bird Gets the Burn” 

EMOM for 20 minutes, alternating between:

8/10/12 Burpees
(Same #) Calorie Row

Choose option that is feasible for you to complete for all rounds (must do same # of burpees and calories). Record total reps completed.

Rx = all 20 rounds completed at chosen number
8 of each = 160 reps
10 of each = 200 reps
12 of each = 240 reps

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