Wednesday 12/21/16



  • Classes as normal through this Friday 12/23
  • Saturday 12/24: 9AM WOD only
  • Sunday 12/25: CLOSED
  • Monday 12/26: Open Gym only (11AM-1PM)
  • Tuesday 12/27: No 6AM/7AM classes; regular classes at 9:45AM, 5:30PM, 6:30PM

Please see our December newsletter for the full Holiday Schedule through Monday 1/2


Bodyweight Strength

Strict PU/MU Benchmark

4 Rounds:
Max Strict Pull-Ups
Rest 2 minutes between sets

Rx+: Max Strict Muscle-Ups
Scaled: Use assistance for strict PUs or Max Ring Rows to Chest (most difficult angle possible)

Record total reps


“FGB Slam Ball Special”

3 Rounds for Reps: 1 min each station, no rest between, rest 1 min between rounds.

1- Ball Slams (full arm extension!)
2- Goblet Squats w/ Ball
3- Sit-Ups w/ Ball
4- Walking Lunges w/ Ball
5- Lateral Jumps over the Ball

Choose an appropriate weight slam ball and use the same ball throughout. Squats, Sit-Ups, and Lunges are all done holding slam ball at your chest

Record # reps completed for each of the 3 rounds. Note ball weight to comments


5 mins slow Foam Rolling – your choice

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