Wednesday 1/25/17

CFIL athlete and coach Chrissy was deemed Fittest in Malawi after the 2016 Open! We are proud of you Chrissy and can’t wait to see you defend your title in 2017 šŸ™‚

Check out our CrossFit Games Open 2017 page on our website for all pertinent information about the Open and the Intramural Open at CFIL! This pageĀ can be found directly under our WOD Blog tab on the homepage, or find it directly at:


Olympic Weightlifting – Technique

Split Jerk Primer Complex

2 sets as a group then 3-4 sets on own, building to no more than 45%:

2 Jerk Balance (back foot set in landing position, start in dip position, only front foot moves) +Ā 1 Split Jerk with 2-sec. pause in dip position

Olympic Weightlifting –Ā Strength & Conditioning

EMOM 16′ as follows:

EMOM for 6′
3 Clusters (Squat Clean into Thruster) (Rx 135/95; Rx+ 165/115)

EMOM for 4′
2 Push Jerks + 1 Split Jerk (Rx 135/95; Rx+ 165/115) (from floor)

EMOM for 6′
1 Squat Clean & Split Jerk — start at weight you used for previous two EMOMs and build to AHAP without failure.

Record last set of C&J as your score.


5 minutes of SLOW Handstand Negatives against wall. Reset after each rep. Aim for 10-15 solid reps.

Start in handstand against wall, then as slowly as possible lower head to floor/mat with control. If unable to control the entire descent, add 1-2 ab mats or perform on a box. If too easy, add some plates under hands to add a deficit.

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