Wednesday 2/3/15

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We are honored to promote this fundraiser 5k Run/Walk organized by one of our own On-Ramp grads and Yoga instructors, Mike Mowery. The event is in honor of his son Leo. You can read about the event and register (there are still several spaces left) on the website, If you are free this Sunday morning, please consider registering.


High-Hang Clean (3 reps, EMOM for 12 minutes)

Each clean starts from the power (high-hang) position (NO RE-DIP!). Ascend weight if form is good


AMRAP 10 minutes:

10 KB Swings (choose wt.)
10 Ball Slams (choose wt.)
30 Double Unders**

**If DUs are challenging you are highly encouraged to scale by reducing # reps/counting attempts each round, rather than 2x/3x singles

Record KBS/slam ball weights to comments

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