Wednesday 3/21/18

Team 2Fit2Quit takes the team spirit prize for Week 4 and edges just ahead in the overall points race! And congrats to Adrian (front) for winning Spirit of the Games!


4 Sets:

KB Front Rack Front Foot Elevated Split Squat (stack one or two 45# plates, KB held in opposite arm from leg that is elevated) – 8 reps/leg

Rest 60 seconds

30 second AMRAP Strict Pull-Ups (banded OK for assistance, but no kipping. Do not need to be unbroken, just within 30 sec)

Rest 90 seconds

Record # pull-ups completed in each of the 4 rounds, indicate any bands/assistance to comments


Pick one based on which bike you want to use. Max effort, 2 minutes for distance. Distance is recorded in meters for the Bike Erg, in miles for the Air Dyne.

2-Min Concept 2 Bike Erg for Distance (Meters)

2-Min Schwinn Air Dyne for Distance (Miles)

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