Wednesday 3/2/16

The Open typically marks many milestones, with 16.1 being no exception. Congratulations to Tiara on her 3 Chest to Bar Pullups!


SUPERSET Deadlifts and HSPUs (perform one set of HSPUs after each set of Deadlifts, including warm-up sets)

Deadlift (Warm-up 2×5, then 3×5 ascending)

First working set = approx. 60% of 1RM and ascend by feel

Handstand Push-Ups (5×4 Strict)

Scaling/Variations: Use 1-3 Ab Mats, HSPU Negatives, Toes/Knees on Box. NO KIPPING!


For Time:

DB Thrusters (M: 35+, W: 25+)
American KB Swings (53/35)*

*Scale to Russian swings if your mobility restricts you keeping straight spine when overhead – or if you are not comfortable with American swings

When finished go immediately into POST-WOD MOBILITY (4+ mins):
Straddle Against the Wall (at least 4 mins – come out of it slowly)


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