Wednesday 4/4/18


A: Push Jerk (5 x 3, ascending)

Full 2-second pause in both the DIP and RECEIVING position. Ascend ONLY if able to maintain the required pauses (no “double-dip”)

B: Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

Running clock to 18:00

Complete 4 sets of the following, paying attention to the clock for the rest intervals:

1) 12 Alternating Double DB Reverse Lunge to Single-Leg RDL

REST 45 seconds

2) 45-second Weighted Plank (plate on back)

REST 45 seconds

3) 20-second AMRAP of Strict Chin-Ups (may use band if needed – one that will be challenging for more than 5 reps – but NO kipping)

REST 45 seconds

*Count and record total chin-ups over the 4 rounds. Record all weights used to comments.

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