Wednesday 4/26/17

Members: Dates for the Powerlifting/Strongman Seminar Series have changed! The seminar will now take place over 5 classes instead of 3, and will meet Monday and Thursday nights at 7:30PM starting on May 8th. See the sign-up form for full details, and fill out the form ASAP if you want to sign up! 

UPDATE: 3 spots left!

Sign-Up Form: Powerlifting/Strongman Strength Seminar Series 

Strength WOD

Deadlift (5-5-5-5-AMRAP @ 70-75%)

Every 3 minutes, for 5 rounds:

5* Deadlifts @ 70-75% of 1RM (all SAME weight)

*Rounds 1-4 are 5 reps each. Round 5 is as many reps as possible — record this number!

*Additional notes in Wodify*

Cash-Out Metcon

3 Rounds NOT FOR TIME:

400m Run
40 ft. Handstand Walk OR 1 min. of HS Progression*

*Wall Walk into HS Hold, Shoulder Taps, or other appropriate progression (coaches’ discretion)

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