Wednesday 5/8/19

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“Concrete Ceiling”

Alternating EMOM 25′ (5x through), for Total Weight Lifted on the Hang Power Cleans:

1- 15 Green Band Russian KB Swings (you choose KB weight)
2- 30-second Unbroken Weighted Wall Sit (same KB, goblet hold)
3- 15 Ball Slams (light-moderate weight)
4- 30-second Unbroken Forearm Plank Hold
5- 5 Unbroken Hang Power Cleans (AHAP)

Record the Hang Power Clean weight used for EACH of the 5 rounds – score will be total weight lifted. May stay at same weight throughout or increase; however, if you drop the barbell before the 5 reps are complete, your score is 0 for that round.


Lax Ball Scapula (on floor) – take 90 secs or more to move ball fully around the scapula

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