Wednesday 5/11/16


Running Conditioning

Warm-Up: Running Warm-Up/Drills

Sprint & Walk (Time)

8 x 100m Sprints for Total Time (16 MINUTE CAP)

Each run is from bay door to end of curb (typical 200m turnaround). Walk back to start and go immediately into next run. Time ends after 8th walk-back.

***If you cannot run, modify to 8 x :125m Row Sprints with 1:00 rest between each***


3-4 Rounds NOT FOR TIME (15 MIN CAP):

3 Turkish Get-Ups, each side (record heaviest KB weight for a full round)
1 Legless Rope Climb*

*scale: 3-5 Strict or 5-7 Assisted Pull-Ups (one foot on box or partner hold)

Cash-Out / Cool Down

3x through – rest as needed:
:30 Couch Stretch, each side
:30 Side Plank, each side

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