Wednesday 5/18/16



EMOM 18 minutes (3 rounds):

MIN 1: 10 x 2KB Front Rack Lunges, Forward step (5 each leg)
MIN 2: 10 x 2KB Front Rack Lunges, Reverse step (5 each leg)
MIN 3: KB Push Press/Jerk into 20-second OH Hold (1x each arm, AHAP)
MIN 4: Accumulate 20 seconds of Static Ring Hold OR L-Sit Hold
MIN 5: Wall Walk into 20-30 second Wall-Facing Handstand Hold (optional: 6-8 shoulder taps)


With a 12:00 clock:

Buy-in: 1000m Row + 100 Double-Unders*** (either order)

then, AMRAP in remaining time of:
5 Power Snatch
5 Overhead Squats

Same barbell, Rx = 105/75

***Suggested DU Scaling:
1) Less than 15 consecutive: 50 DUs
2) Less than 3 consecutive: 200 Singles with a DU attempt every 10th jump

Cash-Out / Cool Down

With barbell still loaded from WOD, grab an ab mat and perform:

A) 10 Barbell Ab Roll-Outs on Knees (as far as possible while staying HOLLOW) – rest as needed b/w reps

B) Calf/Achilles Smash on Barbell — 90 sec per side

then, 3 mins Straddle Against the Wall

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