Wednesday 5/25/16

IMG_4360-1REMINDER: Monday 5/30: Memorial Day “MURPH” Hero WOD (warm-up starts at 9:00am) with pig roast and other festivities to follow, BYOB and something yummy to share!

Running Conditioning

Broken Mile for Time, performed as 4 x 400m Run with :30 rest after each interval (look at clock when you come in)

SUBTRACT 1:30 from your final finish time to get the time you will record as your score.

#1: Build to ~80-85% effort
#2: Strong pace, 85-90%
#3: Stronger pace, 90-95%
#4: Everything you have left!

(ROWING ALTERNATIVE: 4x500m with :30 rest, for a Broken 2k)


EMOM for 12 minutes (3x through):
1) 6 (Unbroken) Barbell Thrusters — ascend weight by round, record highest round as score
2) 25m (full length turf) OH Plate Walking Lunges (45/25)
3) 20 Hollow Rocks

Cash-Out / Cool Down

A) Barbell Calf Smash, 1 min/leg
B) Plantar Smash with Lax Ball, 2 min/foot!
C) Calf Stretch with toes on wall or plate, 1 min/side

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