Wednesday 5/4/16

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20 minutes to superset Bench Press and Barbell Rows

Bench Press (3×5 @ ~70%)

All working sets at SAME WEIGHT – no more than 70% of 1RM Bench Press.

Barbell Row (3×8 )

Rounds 1&3: Supinated (underhand) Grip
Round 2: Pronated (regular overhand) Grip

Choose a weight that you can maintain good form throughout but is difficult for the last few reps


AMRAP 6 minutes:

8 alt. DB Snatch
8 Ball Slams

DB and ball weights should be moderately heavy

Cash-Out / Cool Down

with a Lax Ball – at least 1 min/side on all exercises (6 MINUTES):

A) Pec Smash against rack or floor- 1 min/side
B) Shoulder External Rotation Smash on floor
C) Lat Smash on floor

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