Wednesday 6/20/18

Strength & Conditioning

“Strict Two Parter”

A) EMOM 15′:

2 Strict Pull-Ups + 4 Strict Toes to Bar* + 6 Push-Ups

*Strict TTB here is defined as no kipping — legs may be straight (ideal) or bent if needed

REST 5 mins, then

B) For Time (in any order):

30 Pull-Ups
30 Toes to Bar
30 Push-Ups

Score is your time for Part B, but to be done as “Rx’ed” you must also make all 15 intervals of Part A
Strict Pull-Ups = Toe-Assisted Pull-Ups
Strict Toes to Bar = Hanging Straight Leg Raises
Pull-Ups = Ring Rows or Jumping Pull-Ups
Toes to Bar = Hanging Knee Raises (Kipping) or Toes to Rig/KB

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