Wednesday 6/6/18

REMINDER: No Yoga this Sunday as Cristin will be away! Open Gym is ON, 11AM-1PM


Parallette L-Sit Progressions

10 Mins. Teaching & Practice
-Hold with toes on ground
-Tuck hold
-Tuck hold – one leg at a time


“Upside Down and Around”

5 Rounds:

1:00 to complete a 30-sec Vertical Wall-Facing HS Hold (scale to highest you can go while staying hollow)
1:00 to complete 5 x 40 ft. Shuttle Sprints (touch ground at each end) (scale so you finish under :30)
1:00 to complete Max Reps of Chest to Bar Pull-Ups*
1:00 Rest

Record # Pull-Ups completed each round

*Scaling is Chin Over Bar Pull-Ups or Ring Rows. No Jumping Pull-Ups for this WOD

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