Wednesday 6/15/16

13320637_946369346383_1560772519563109421_oReminder: No 7am class Thursday June 16!


EMOM 15 minutes (3 rounds):

MIN 1: DB Bench Press (palms facing inward) x 8 reps
MIN 2: Accumulate 20-30 seconds of Static Hold in the Bottom of a Dip***
MIN 3: Wall Walk into 20-30 sec Handstand Hold (foot taps optional)
MIN 4: Single-Arm KB Push Press + 20-second OH Hold, 1 x each arm

***Variations: rings / bars / boxes; use toes or feet on floor for support if needed


4 Rounds (14 MIN CAP):

400m Run
Max Toes to Bar

Score is # total TTB

Scaling: Knees to Chest, Knees Above Hips

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Banded Shoulder Distraction (1 min/side)
Banded Pec Stretch (1 min/side)

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