Wednesday 6/22/16

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Warm welcome to our June Group On-Ramp grads Claudia, Madeleine, Adi, and Eric – pictured here with Coach Hannah!


16 MIN to superset 3-4 of the Push Press sets with 1 KB Complex:

KB Swing + Clean + Push Press + Snatch (all on one arm, then the other)

Start light, focus on technique and build to comfortable working weight for KB Snatch for WOD

Push Press (3 x 5 @ same weight)

Add 5-10 lbs from last week OR use ~70-75% of estimated 1RM


AMRAP 14 minutes:

14 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65)
14 Pull-Ups
50 ft. (1 length turf) Walking Lunges (arms crossed in front)
14 KB Snatch (24/16)

Cash-Out / Cool Down

Skin the Cat (5 reps) OR Shoulder Extension stretch (several options: partner-assisted, use bands, seated on floor) – 2×30 seconds

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