Wednesday 7/12/17


CFIL Wonder Women! Andrea, Diana, and Michelle putting their fitness to good use outside the gym — at Trapeze School! Send us your photos of you using your fitness in new ways this summer!


Shoulder Press (5 x 8, ascending)

E2MOM for 10′ (5 sets). Try to start and end a little heavier than last time (if you have data from 6/26). Last set should be a difficult set of 8, record weight used for last set.


18 Mins. Moving With Purpose (NOT AN AMRAP):

40 ft. Heavy Sled Push
6 reps Heavy D-Ball/Slam Ball/Sandbag Clean & Throw Over Shoulder
80 ft. Waiter’s Walk, Right
80 ft. Waiter’s Walk, Left

Focus on QUALITY movements at HEAVY weights (challenge yourself!), rest as needed


6 Min. Smash & Stretch Shoulder Recovery:
Lax Ball Lat Smash – 1+ mins/side
Lax Ball Pec Smash against rig – 1+ mins/side
Pec Stretch against rig – 1+ mins/side

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