Wednesday 7/27/16



Tempo Back Squat (5 x (2 Tempo + 6 Regular) @ same weight)

8 total reps each set (2 tempo, 6 regular). Aim for same weight as last time if you can or drop down slightly so that you can finish all 8 reps each set.

This is the focus of today’s training; should take 25-30 minutes¬†to complete (take ~10 mins to build to working weight, then rest 2:30-3:00 between all working sets).¬†Optional: 20-30 sec Wall Facing Handstand Hold between sets

NOTE: This is the LAST week of volume back squats for this cycle so don’t miss out, this is where you will really see those gains!


With a running clock —

Complete in any order, resting 90 sec between each movement

1 Min Heavy Sled Push (continuous)
1 Min Max Cal Air Dyne
1 Min Max Sit-Ups

Score is total Cal + Sit-Ups. Record sled weight to comments

Cash-Out / Cool Down

50 (each side) Russian Twists w/ light plate or med ball [make sure you are actually twisting your torso and not just moving the hands]

then, leg recovery:

Lax Ball Glutes/Hamstrings – 2 min/leg
Barbell Smash Quads – 2 min/leg

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