Wednesday 8/23/17

Congrats to Wendy (right) on getting first chin-up yesterday – showing that consistency and hard work does pay off!


15′ for Strict Muscle-Up Skill Work:

3 sets:
5 x False Grip Ring Strict Pull-Ups to Chest OR False Grip Ring Rows

3 or more sets:
3 x False Grip Low Rings MU Transitions

(Optional if ready):
Strict Muscle-Up & Negative (alone or with spotter/assistance)


“Flip and Flop”

For Time:

Med Ball (Squat) Cleans (20 / 14-20)
Chest to Bar Pull-Ups

Directly into:

Dips (Bars or Rings)
Med Ball Sit-Ups* (20 / 14-20)

*Ball touches floor behind head and in front of feet


Coaches’ Choice – Shoulder mobility

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