Wednesday 8/31/16

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Shoulder Press (5 x 10 @ 55%)

Alternative: 5×5 @ moderate weight (good technique)

OPTIONAL SUPERSET (5 total sets): Single-Arm KB Row, 6-8 reps/arm

NOTE: We are starting a strict press cycle. All percentages each week will be based on your actual or best estimated 1 Rep Max. Do not go higher, or it will affect the effectiveness of this cycle. If you don’t have an actual 1 Rep Max OR enough data in Wodify to make a good estimate, follow the guidelines for the alternative set.


With a 9 minute clock:

1000m Row
50 Push Press (75/55)
Max Chest-to-Bar Pull-Ups in remaining time

Score is total CTB pull-ups

Cool Down

4 Rounds:
20 seconds Extended Crab Hold
20 seconds Downward Dog
20 seconds rest in Childs Pose

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