Thursday 5/23/19

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Partner WOD


With a partner, for time (28′ CAP):

3000m Row (switch every 500m)
60 Deadlifts (225/155, switch as desired)
3000m Row (switch every 500m)

One rower per team. If not using the same barbell, tag hands before each switch.


Banded or Partner Iron Cross – 90 secs+/side


Tuesday 5/21/19

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Bodyweight Strength

Alternating EMOM 12′ –

1- 6-8 Ring Dips
2-6-8 Strict HSPU
3- 15 Seated Leg Lifts

Scale ring dips/HSPU as needed (or add weight / deficit) so that rep range for each is fairly challenging


“Athlete’s Foot”

Alternating EMOM 10′ (5 rounds):

1- One DB Row Complex*
2- Max Unbroken Toes to Bar (set is over when you drop from bar)

*DB Complex is (starting with hands on DBs in plank position):
5 Rows, R
5 Rows, L
5 Push-Ups
1 Devil’s Press

Rx: 2×50 / 2×35

Score is total TTB over the 5 rounds