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Main – WOD

Partner Medball (No Measure)

20 Chest Pass
20 Side Pass (each side)
20 Underhand
10 Over/Under (each partner)

(No Measure)

2 rounds
10 GHD Sit ups
10 Jump Squats
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Spiderman lunges with rotation

Dips (8×3 )

Weighted Push Ups (8×3)

Metcon (Time)

5 Rounds for Time:
400 m. Run
15 Thrusters 95/65



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You Can’t Out Train a Bad Diet:

Coach Rachel:

Summertime is here,, clothes get more revealing and bathing suits come out. So what can you do to look and feel better in (and out) of these clothes? Of course working out is a big part of this, but let’s be clear about this – you cannot out train a bad diet!

I am not simply talking about the old-school philosophy about calories in vs. calories out. (This theory does not hold up to scrutiny by the way…) I am talking about WHAT you eat.  Of course we all have that friend who eats whatever he/she wants and it seems to have no impact on the way they look. But for most of us, what you eat has the most impact on how you look and feel.

There are many ways to approach “ clean eating” and I am not here to tell you  what you should do. Last night I was out with my husband and another couple. Between the 4 of us, there was a vegan, a “vegetarian” who eats fish, and two omnivores. We are all fit and well within a healthy weight for our frame.

You need to decide how to approach your diet in a way which is sustainable for your life. To that end, here are some tips:

– Limit processed food

– Eat more vegetables and fruits

– Reduce alcohol intake

– Cut out added sugar

– Eliminate processed grains

In other words, if it has a label: don’t eat it. If it comes from the ground: eat it!

Beyond that, there are decisions to make about how much animal protein to eat (or not) but if you do eat meat and eggs, make sure it is organic, grass-fed and humanely raised.

Main – WOD


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CFIL 2 (No Measure)

2 Min. Jump Rope
15 Box Jumps
10 leg swings forward back
10 lateral leg swings
iron cross
1 min. spiderman with rotation per side

Deadlift (5/75%, 3/85%, 1/95%)

Metcon (AMRAP – Reps)

12 Min. Clock
1 min. Doubles
1 min. DB Snatch 50/35
2 min. Doubles
2 min. DB Snatch
3 min. Doubles
3 min. DB Snatch

Alternate arms on DB Snatch