WODify, How do I love you?

imagesWODify, How do I love you? Let me count the ways:

Signing into class before it begins is now required. WODify helps save you time if you are running late for class or even if you want a little extra time on the foam roller when you arrive. Your pre-sign in helps us keep track of the size of our classes and know where we need to expand our schedule. It also helps the coaches plan out the class– flow, scaling options etc. to give you the best experience possible! Thanks for your cooperation.

1. The Free App lets you check into class easily — it can be done on the run!

  1. You can enter your results on your phone (if you have to run out right after class) or on the computer. This is one of my favorite features of WODify. No more trying to keep all those numbers in your head, (how much did I deadlift last week???)  It tracks your progress over time and also calculates your percentages when we are working on volume (ask any veteran crossfitter how helpful this is!)
  1. You can “like” your friends’ results. This allows you to be a cheerleader for your friends and classmate, even if you aren’t able to be present in that particular class. I especially encourage all you veteran CrossFitters to befriend some newbies and let them know how proud you are of them.
  1.  You can use the megaphone function (the small icon at the top of the WODify page) to comment anonymously. We encourage all feedback, both negative and positive, but if you are shy about coming to us, please feel free to let us know this way.
  1.  You can clean up your eating. If you are not joining us in the Paleo Challenge, or if you want feedback down the line, you can enter your intake into the food journal and a coach of your choice will analyze it and go over the results with you.

We hope you are using WODify to get the most out of your workouts. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask your coach today!

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